Snail-mail (Christmas Card)

Yay, I finally finished this one! Took me long enough lol – it was moving right along until I hit a three week dead end … but I had to finish before Christmas was already over :wink:

(click for full resolution version)

C&C welcome :smiley:

lol funny -
with reindeer liek that the present would in around mid year :stuck_out_tongue:

very cool

You finally had the time to finish the card.
It looks great.

Thank you for the comments! I’ll be probably printing the cards today, so I’ll post what they look like printed soon. (sheesh I got bumped off the first page fast lol)

Haha, very cute.

It looks like one of the snails dosen’t ant to be a reinder. :wink:

This turned out really good! ALthough I would like to see that one reindeer without the antlers turn the opposite direction. He seems like a rebel!