snail skin texture help/advice needed

Hi all,
I would like to ask you for your advice. My plan is to make realistic snail (maybe also for a slow animation). As you see on the picture the skin is very interesting (a small non regular square bumps, a bit of transparency…). I think that the colour I can achieve with nodes. But the question is that how to make the ‘bumps’? Displacement, normal/modes, sculpting or just pure modelling? I want that the bumps really exist - for a detailed animation. I have tried all of them but am really just a beginner in textures.
What would you use? - maybe some reference?
thank you in advance…


Try to get a high res sculpt and generate a normal map from that and map it on a low res mesh. SVN Version has tangent normal baking from high to low res included. Go to to get the latest build.

thank you - will try…

Hi, you mean that I should make it by hand (with a high resolution mash - sculpting) than do map normal and map it to low res mesh?
Will it be usable then also for animation? - It would depend on my UV map, or? (am just starting to discover textures/modes/etcc…so sorry if the question is not question :spin:)

you can try a the repository fir texture
there is a reptile style texture there and many other alien skin
then may be modified it a bit to suit your need


That is exactly what I mean. For animation you need the svn build if you want to use blender for the texture baking from high to low cause only the SVN Builds can produce tangent space normal maps.
You can also use 2.45 but then you need to use another application for producing the normal map from your mesh since 2.45 only knows camera space normal maps which will not work with animation.

miroslav can you show us a sample of the finished product?

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