I spent yesterday learning Cycles and it’s shaders, here’s the result. I made the textures in Photoshop but otherwise it’s 100% blender, post processing was done in Blender’s compositor.

Awesome, but try to make the head a little more slimy :smiley:

Wonderful job!

Very well done shaders and textures.
But I do agree with mistermaster, more slime!
Mix a glossy shader with a low roughness value over your material with a fresnel as factor.

Can you show us a material nodes snapshot?


Thanks! Yeah I think you’re right about the slime. I had a glossy shader mixed in but couldn’t get it to work very well on the head. With fresnel it might have worked better… oh well, next time when I make something slimy. :slight_smile: Here’s the material for the snail body. The node group that says “color” is pretty much just a voronoi texture.

Yea you should make it more wet/slimy and maybe make the image less blury

Very smart solution.

I was thinking… maybe if you turn down the velvet shader to 0.05 it will look more like snail skin.
Or… maybe putting the velvet first (where glossy is) and glossy in the end (where velvet is) with the same values.

Don’t get me wrong I love the feeling of that velveted skin… nevermind… it’s cool like is…