Snailrose please take a page from this, Enlighten, next gen realtime lighting

And this would not only be a great leap in graphics if intergrated into the game engine but for great interactive lighting for renders too, imagine if we go into textured view and the lights worked like this, not only useful for games but for lighting set ups for the renderer as well.:eek:

While this looks real nice, I’d still like it more if more attention was put into making sure the features the GE already has are working properly and without problems. While good graphics are great, they don’t make a good game, it’s the game play that really matters.

I’ve seen this before, and if it’s realy stunning, it’s also completely different from the way ogre works I think (this realtime radiosity is realy something special) … So it won’t be tomorow we have this integrated into BGE … as well as in any commercial games (although I’m sure Sony and Microsoft have plan for that kind of stuff … )
IMHO we have already lots of improvement in the BGE with the actual developpment of Ogre plugin to see as well as with Ashsid dev of video texture, and pushing too much in the back for other things wont be realy productive …

Actually that’s the whole reason behind this inconsistent “make something - break something” BGE dev system.

Certainly some nice looking effects there.

On a separate note though, I don’t think too many people are pushing the current GE graphically all that much, or at least not showing it anyway. (Not a knock at the community more a testament to the time it takes to make nice visuals).

Personally I’ll be happy with more objects on screen and dynamic shadows which Ogre should bring. I’m not sure I’d have the time/skill to use features likes normal mapping without just “slapping them on”

Of course if all those lighting effects were all set up as nice GUI, that’d be different :yes:.