Snailshead peak

Just playing around with the world settings can make a big difference to the final render. As I learned with this my latest creation:

All comments and critiques are welcome as usual.
Hope you like it.


Nice! not very detailed tho…you could add a character in the foreground…

I take it this is an observitory? If so I recommend you change the gradient so that the upper half of the picture is black or dark blue… in order to give the illusion of hieght.

Thanks for the comments.


:expressionless: Actually, having a character in the forground also crossed my mind as a way to complete this scene. But I shooed the thought away as my character modelling leaves a lot to be desired. Must seriously look into that.


Will try the gradient suggestion. It’s quite a surreal setting, so little touches like that are bound be helpful in adding some realism. Thanks for the suggestion.