Snake Charmer Monkey

My first real model that i have put time into.I am planning on eventually making it look like some kind of a snake charmer. So far i’ve only done the head, and yes i used Suzanne sorry :(. What i plan to add, is A body, the snake basket and snake, and eventually a flying carpet.



I did some little fixes before i go to sleep for the night.

I think its gone a ways from looking to much like “Suzanne” now.

Added: eyebrow horn things, elongated the eyes. I also shortened the face length and thickened the neck. Made ears smaller and pointy, along with fixing the hat, and adding glasses.


I added, a small body, arms, a cash cup, the carpet, and some unfinished feet.

Still going to add cloths, snake basket, flute, etc.


Funny project :slight_smile:

I liked him better without glasses.

Thanks! yeah, i’m pretty much just doing anything that comes to mind :slight_smile:
Luckily the glasses and the hat, are separate objects, so i can take it off if it looks better without it.

Honestly I’m in favor of the glasses, they just need a little work on the glass part. The arm seems a little bumpy, but other wise you have a nice thing going there!

When i start putting the materials in i will make the lens transparent. And yeah the arm actually is really bumpy, i just havent taken time to do anything. Thats what i will fix up next :slight_smile:

How about Gandhi glasses?

Those would work better. i/ll make them round again and then shrink the lens rim.


How can you get more rings onto a cyclinder adding all the extra vertices on the individual rings.

I HAVE A REALLY BIG QUESTION: When i render no hair shows up, i have the particle system for hair set up, What other buttons do i need to push?

UPDATE: never mind i figured out how.

I’m Exhausted, I’ll keep going tomorrow, but here’s where i leave off today.