Snake Following Path

I’m trying to get a snake to follow a path, over a branch. The animation has to be 32 frames long, and cyclic.

I made a curve path, and added armatures at different points along the path. (I tried to add just one armature, but it wouldn’t let me make contraints on the separate bones).

I tried to make one mesh, then link the different armatures to it, but that didn’t work, the mesh only followed the path without deforming.


I added metaballs to the different armatures, but now my snake looks all “lumpy bumpy”

Here is a link to the file:

…and I attach an image.

If anyone can help me out, thanks. If you want to use the .blend for any purposes, you are welcome.

Hey, i haven’t got time took look at you problem properly, but i thought this may help:

Thanks Bjarnskov, I hadn’t tried that idea (and didn’t know that slow parenting existed :)).

I’ll give it a go like that.

You can make your snake writhe with no armature whatsoever as long as you constrain it in the direction of the path it will do as it’s told. You set a start and end location keyframe so that the snake doesnt move and then pull the path through your mesh.