snake game problem

i was making a snake game as a project to learn blender. i have so far made the movement and apples. but right now i am stuck with a problem. the trail of the snake(the beeds thing which keep adding on when snake eats an apple) moves like a stupid pendulum and keeps hitting the snake back. which i’ve been searching for a solution for days and couldn’t figure out.

if you don’t know what i mean. download this file and have a look.

any ideas, suggestion, that how could i fix this without any type of coding.


snake.blend (591 KB)

Try increasing the damping values (translation and rotation) to 1, it may help.

Yeah, Rubbernukes suggestion works, in classic snake does the body not turn until it goes where the head turned? Maybe you’re going for a newer, modernized look (which I like), anyway, thank you for starting with an easier game. :yes:

thank you rubbernuke. it worked.

there is a problem again!. with one beed it works fine but as soon as i add another. it pulls back the head and disturbs the movement.