Snake hair

Sup ppl,

bin a long time ago i posted sometihng here, i do check the forum every day to get inspiration.
I got a question, i need to create a fantasy character for school, i need to draw it [yes with a pencil and shit ;)]

But i am searchin for pictures so i got some inspiration…

i want to make a dude with a shotgun in a hand and a big f*ckin sword in his other. Hes gonna get a long dark jacket, big black boots anda pants in his boots, his shirt under his jackets is gonna be in his pants.

The most important thing in wanna have is that his hair is not hair but all snakes, so he got snake hair :D.

So if u can find any pictures with a head with snake hair PLZ! send it to me, thank u very much ,


BTW if i can scan my drawing somewhere ill post them \


Well, it’s not exactly snake hair, but it’s the closest thing I could think of.

Good luck with your project!


Google for “Medusa” and you should get all the snake hair you need…

thnx for that medusa… i found some very good pictures…


i made some changes to my idea…

its gonna be a robot in a human skin [how exclusive %|] but i got some very f*ckin good idea’s

Woops :expressionless: . Realized I didn’t include the link %| . Click Here



thnx that a nice one!

i just thought of it that the sentinals in the matrix got also something like that! :smiley:

ow boy… i am goin loose on my drawing paper :stuck_out_tongue:

snake hair was awesome at cgtalk…it should look awesome on your project/drawing…