I modeled a head, it’s a mixture between a dinosaur and a snake. The head is entirely done with SubSurf.

The image is hosted by Tripod, you know what that means [grr! gotta get a .com account :slight_smile: ].
I hope you have some comments, would be cool.


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that is freekin cool. very impresive work. the DOF makes this look just great :stuck_out_tongue:



Impressive… a four eyed blue snake :wink: great texturing too and blur


this is my 100th post here!! :smiley: :smiley:

wow wasn’t expecting 4 eyes. I like it.


Nice mutant snake! question, procedural textures for the skin?

one with the mouth open showing fangs would be…good(I use nice too much! :slight_smile: )

dam that rocks…how does it breath?..

good work