Snake hook brush

the snake hook brush does not work well in multires mode and produces a large number of broken artifacts.
my opinion is to use a drag and drop and to dynamically retasellize the surface to make it into regular quadrangles or triangles.

The snakehook has always been that way in blender. If you want to use it, it’s best to use it with dynotopo, not the multires modifier. I don’t think the other sculpting modes can support dynamically adding topology. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks, apparently each brush has to be coded three times just to get them to work across regular sculptmode, dynotopo, and the multires modifier:

Oh, and I haven’t used zbrush, but I also heard that there is a similar issue with the snakehook in z-brush. It wasn’t seen as useful until they added sculptris pro mode not too long ago.

That’s simply not how multires works, this is the geometry you’ve got, and the ‘retasellize’-ation you talk about runs absolutely counter to that… As @zanzio mentioned, you want to look into dyntopo.