Snake: Wavelike movement ?


I want to anymate the sole of foot of an snake:
There are little waves contiously going from the
head to the end of the snake. But only where
the snake touches ground.

My problem is:
When using Latice I got waves all over the snake and I dont know how
to create continouly waves, since at one point of the animation I
have to move back the lattice to start again.

When using a lot of shape keys I will get grey hairs until this will work
since a lot of vertex mocements have to be coordinated and whether
this looks finally continously…I have my doubts…

Are there other ways to do such a thing ?

Thank you very much for any help in advance !
Have a nice Sunday! :O)

Maybe by placing hooks down the snakes body, and parenting them together with the head in charge, then offsetting them where you just animate the head back and forth and the body would follow suit in the desired delayed intervals… If I didn’t say that clear enough(or am completely wrong) I hope someone will point you right!:smiley:

wavez’s work on BSoD includes a page which describes an interesting rigging idea, which uses a series of ik solvers and empties to create snake-like rig.

Now, for a continuous motion, firstly animate the waving motion going down the snake once. Now make a copy of all the keyframes and offset them so that the pattern starts again after the motion in that area has just subsided. Keep doing this until you have a section in the action where the the motion looks good.
Then, in the nla editor, add this action as an action strip. Set the start and end frames for the action to the frames that look good, but set the start and end frames for the strip to a multiple of the number of good frames. Set the repeat value to the same value as the factor by which you multiplied the number of good frames by to get the number of frames in the strip.
View your work, and tweak the action until it works ok.

Hope that solves this thread… :smiley:

i think whit a curves parentig in the snake

sorry my english