Snake with a metal helmet.

This was based on a toy that i used to play with when i was younger with slight changes. Im going to texture it tonight and see what i get. but i hope you like it so far:) any ideas or input you have please say thank you:)


could you turn on some ambient occlusion? it’s hard to tell with the shadows, but it looks like there may be a normals issue with the eye area.

Erm Sorry but i dont really know what you mean?:confused: im still learning all the jargon of blender and what things do.

ambient occlusion ( abbreviated AO ) can be activated in the world buttons. it provides a general illumination that doesn’t rely on lamps.



It looks good, and the scales texture works well, but I think you could improve a couple of things. the main thing is the scale of the floor texture and the wall texture do not match. another thing, is the metal looks kind of light, like aluminum. If it is supposed to be aluminum, that works, but steel is a bit darker. the other thing is, the floor looks too clean. It could use a ‘grunge map’ ( a clouds texture works well if you don’t have one ).