SnakeMan! - A Short Movie Project

:smiley: Hi all!!

This time we (ZanQdo, Ende, and me) brought to you a short movie project, named “SnakeMan”. The short is about an old man in an arabian market, he plan a funny trick to make some money and… (more on the site soon) :stuck_out_tongue:

In a couple of days the official website of the short will be finished :slight_smile:

At this time we have some characters, objects, and the “city” almost finished (modelling)…

Some images of what we have at the moment…

an animation:

another one:
and an animation:

The city and some objects:�eraParaFlacos.jpg
Panoramic view:

We will upload all at:

Stay tunned!

More info and images very soon!
we hope you like it.

always beautiful and brilliant work!

i love the characters, you have reached a very high level of quality, good as any pro work out their

only crit would be, their seems to be a strange glow coming off the guy as he spins, this may be a problem in your animation

i watched the animation, and the characters are great as usual, this will be a very big deal here i can tell, good luck dudes

Thanks Wu!! :smiley:

The glow in the animation is only a try hehe, i was playing with the glow effect and well, i just save the animation with that, doesn’t mean that the glow effect will be in the short hehe


Greeeat materials! Ramps or that area lamps scheme?

Nice to see you!!!
Cool, very cool.
I can’t wait to see the site and the short. Seems a very good staff to me, you all!

Ps. i have sent you a pm but i had no “ok message sent”. Did you reached it?

Hi guys, this is the market, where the action takes place 8) :stuck_out_tongue: it’s still laking details

and the flute

This is looking awesome, I’m looking forward to the movie

Wow, this is REALLY cool! Maybe it’s just me, but when I first saw the pants I thought they were skin. Lol, anyway, keep up the great work!

Thanks!! :smiley:

Trebor: lol, nice idea! :wink: %|

Tizeta: Thanks!!! but there is no private message in my InBox :frowning: , contact me by email or msn ([email protected])…

JJ: Oh noo, no that Area Lamps Killing Render Time again heheh, now is a bit of all…
Ramps + Vertex Paint + Blend (thanks andy)

that’s all!!

Thanks again, i’ve just finished the logo of the short! is in the first post…


Great stuff guys. I am really liking the toon style.


how did you do this glow effect in blender?


wow guys this is really looking amazing
lets see some more!
also care to give the story?
keep up the great work.


Hi everyone!

You might not know me, but Im working with Zanqdo and Venom in the Snake Man project. So we keep modeling random objects for the city. The next step will be the painting and adding materials.

Here is a render of a boat nothing too fancy, hope you like it!


Woah, everything looks great so far, keep up the great work!

Thanks for the comments, very apreciated :slight_smile:

While Venom is having a good time making great characters, Ende and I are modeling the boring stuff :Z

some seafood…

We plan to give the story at the proyect’s web page soon :smiley:

The man with the sword… it almost looks like SSS (subsurface scattering) how did ya do that

What you guys are doing there is soooo cool!!!, I only dream of making stuff like that!!! Keep up the great work!!!


[!] [!] [!]


this is awsome… the lighting looks really good on both characters… It looks like you guys are def making progress with the film. Hope to see some test animations soon!


the modeling kicks ass!! :smiley:

I have always loved the characters you have created, they look so smooth and simple but when you look at them better they have so much personality and origionality :smiley: every time. The market will turn out great ( It reminds me to a RTCW Enemy Teritory level…inspired by that game? )

Anyway, everything looks fabulous so far, keep it up, the animation will turn out superb.

(p.s. I agree with Chacer…if only I was as good as…)