Snakes head

Here’s a pic of a snakeshead, i modeled for a friend of mine, who is obsesed by snakes.

What do you guys think of the model so far. Don’t mind about the flour, it has to be altered. (but i don’t know to what… :wink: )

C+C please!

erm, it needs alot of work dude.

I can’t see the pic.

The link is:

copy & paste link :x

The model needs lots of work - and the background is just ugly ;). I think you should try a plain background, work on the lighting and the model - here’s a link to the lizard tutorial:

Okay, the last pic really sucked %| , so here is an other one:
(copy an paste link, i’m sorry)

This time i used a reference pic.

Again: C+C please

Definitly a better model than the first one, but the mesh is WAY too dense! You can get a better quality render in about 1/10th the render time by hitting “Set Smooth” in the edit buttons (F10) with the object selected.

Well, I tried the "set smooth"button, but i get some strange artifacts :< , so I subsurfed the mesh 3 times, and then converted it to a normal mesh, then subsurfed it 3 times again. So the total subsurf is of about 6 times. it works better this way.

sounds like the normals. anyways CTRL+N (recalc normals outside). if not… sorry for fooling 'round.

Can’t find the pic

:o No, definitly not better. Do what Chimera says- In edit mode, select all the verts and press Ctrl-N. It’s a simple matter of normal direction and recalculating takes maybe a second.

Thanks for the hint on normal recalcing, I didn’t know that one yet :expressionless: .
but here is a link the the new one, which is set smooth now.
copy+paste link.

C+C on the modelling please. :wink:

That looks much better smoothed. One thing I think is the ‘neck’ is too thick going into the head. Maybe some different angles would help give some perspective into your modeling.

the 2rd is way better.
from the angle i see the nose is a bit too big and not enought large.
i did a snake model some time ago. but no one seemed to be interested in it, was doing it to practice my skill. But have a look, it may help you to get some idea:
ho and dont do the same error as me, i just placed the toots upside down.(though it look cool)

Here are two new views of my model.

I don’t have a reference pic. of the top of the snake, so it wont be that good.

C+C again