Snap 3d cursor to a face and align how did I do this?

The other day I had it figured out where the 3d cursor would snap to a face and also take on the angle of that face. I can not find this tonight. DOes anyone know how to make a cursor do this. WIth AutoCad we used a UCS icon and we used a command to orientated it to a face so when we created objects they would be aligned to that face.
In blender if I could figure this out again – when I made a new object I could choose 3d cursor and it would be oriented right. In 2.79 I could copy properties. Anyone know where that went when I pressed control C all these options came up Now that is mising. I could perhaps copy the angles to the cursor.

See the editing settings. Also n->tool when the cursor tool enabled.

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YES yes Thank you !
UCS ICON for Blender. Surface project Orientation Geometry Normal Snap on TO FACE then Median and project onto self is checked. So this is much like UCS icon in Autocad.

In addition to this, if you want to snap the 3d cursor to vertices, edges, faces, with orientation, you can do this with the Snap Cursor+ feature in my Neltulz - Bonus Utils add-on.