Snap 3d Cursor To Selected geometry with rotation [SOLVED]

Guys maybe someone know some script for this? Currently operator Snap “Cursor To Selected” ingore section orientation, object orientation and so on.
In case like this on the screenshoot, i wanted to have 3d cursor oriented the same way as gizmo.

A little trick: select the border as done (?), create a face (n-gon), add a new transform orientation (+icon), delete face…

No i know this method. Also its possible to enable vertex snap and position cursor, but its pretty awkward methods.

Shift + RMB drag

I have wondered about this subject before.

Here is what I just tried…

  1. New Project
  2. Move Cube forward (y)
  3. Rotate Cube to random rotation
  4. Shift + RMB ----- works as expected, 3D cursor is at angle of cube
  5. Move Cube away from 3D cursor
  6. Add Mesh, Cone

I expected the Cone to be at an angle…but it was not, which is what I hoped for.

Ideas? Thanks!

Its not possible to set 3d cursor at center of selected edges circle with you method.
Snapping cursor twice to different edges - it will work, but again - its awkward way to solve so simple task.
Im specifically talk about Snap commands, they positioning something in one go.

By default every object created in center of 3d cursor but oriented to world. There’s a setting for this in redu panel.

BOOOM! And it really, really works!

BOOOM! And it really, really works!

Not sure I’ll use it a lot, but now I know how.
Yay… I learned something new today!

By the way…“SoundDifferent”? Are you a sound guy? I was. Or a musician? Or something…?

In the past - yes. I was graduated as sound engineer. Then worked as sound recordist in movies and so on.I dropped all of this and eventually fully sacrifice myself to 3D modeling.

Finding whis one:
Unfortunately it simply doesnt work with multiple selection. Only 1 edge can be selected :frowning:

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Looks like solution. Will check this one, thanks :slight_smile:

Found an free addon for this: keKit for Blender (2.8+)
It have exactly “that” 3d cursor snap with properly setted orientation