Snap Bisect

This tool is very much like ordinary bisect. It cuts an Edit Mode mesh in half.

  • Click three vertices
  • Bisect exactly through them
  • (optional) Shift the plane by a distance

You can click either real vertices or edge midpoints. View panning is possible all the way through.

Download here -> Save Link As…

What improvements would you like to see for your workflow?

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Cool stuff. I have exactly same functionality in trim tools addon though.

Thanks you emu, I am very exited… very useful tool!

video, how it works pls!

Sarko83, here is a quick example:

However, I have added a few more features:

  • Press X, Y or Z after selecting 1 or 2 points to make an axis-aligned cut
  • Press Enter or Spacebar after selecting 2 points to make a view-aligned cut
  • Selection is now depth-culled when viewport is
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>+100 Very nice! Thks a lot. :smiley:

Very useful, thank you very much !

thanks so much! great tool:)

Thanks, nice, would be nice to cut object into two separate objects …

Tnx! Nice tool!

jachtárfranko, you can just call “Select Loop Inner-Region” (Ctrl+E) and then “Separate” § -> “Selection”

2.8 please :slight_smile:

It’s already happened:
I’m working on a proper implementation with the new gl module and the new UI paradigms, but all functionality should be already there.


Graphics is finished. The script should now draw nice and colorful dots on the anchor points.

I think I need to add a video explanation for this script to attract more attention. It’s more useful than it seems.


Thank you … very usefull

Can it snap to other objects? (outside the current object being edited)
all others I tried can’t to do this snap type…

Well, it wouldn’t be comfortable to highlight all mesh objects, for performance.

Another case is when multiple objects are edited. I think the anchor points should be on all of them, and I’ll add that functionality.

Apart from that, the Bisect operator cuts all selected objects and that is probably the right thing to do.

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Hey there I got the from your Github page and am trying to install it on 2.80 and it is not showing in my add-ons list. I also don’t even see any of its functions in Blender. Am I doing something wrong or is it not compatible with 2.80 yet?

It should work in 2.80 without any problems. Download this file, install add-on, enable “Snap Bisect” in the list.

You can check that the downloaded file begins with the word bl_info.

Thank you so much. Now it works.

Is this addon still being developed?
I would love it if it would work in blender 2.91.