Snap for curves?

I am editing some curves but when I turn on Snap and choose “vertex” I can’t snap to the curve points. How can I do this?

If you are using curves there are no vertices involved. The selected points are controling points.
However you can use the general snap option [shift-“s” --> “Cursor to Selected”] to move the cursor to your selection on the first curve object. Then select the curve point on the other object and snap that point to the cursor via [shift-“s” --> “Selection to Cursor”]


Yes, the Shift+s,c plus Shift+s,t trick is good. If you have many to do in a row you can Tab,Shift+d,Alt+c to make a mesh out of a temporary duplicate, then your control points can snap to it.


That’s a pity. :frowning: The Shift+S method is too cumbersome. I was looking for a real snapping. I hope snapping for curves gets added in the next version. Is there a place for feature request where I can vote for this to get added? Thanks.

You may try to place your proposals at Blenderstorm.
Or you may register for one of these mailinglists .