Snap in 2D? Intersect?

I want to change the wall contour(in black) to be like the orange reference line only in Z axis. How to “project” the vertex up until they hit the orange line? Some sort of snap?

this how the wall in black looks in 3D

Enable Snap (the magnet icon) and Snap to Edge (the double line icon… both top middle) ; select every single vertices to project and move up restricted to Z-axis (GZ).


Just to point that this snap not worked with the line, i had to make a mesh out of it for snap to work.

It seems snap do not consider curve as edges for snap proposes.

Snap to self was enabled ??


and yes it doesn’t work on the edges the vertex is part of… for this there is Vertex Slide (GG)

I don’t think so, what is the point of projecting in yourself in this case?
I also know the GG but this is not the case.

But it worked like you said when i transformed the line an edge of a face. The snap was not selecting it when it was a line, but it did when i made it an edge.
In other software a line is considered an edge for snap proposes or have that option in snap. But seem not possible to snap to lines it seems.

?? you wanted to

in the object… .

?? the lines are edges

:question: There is snap to edges and snap to edge center :exclamation: see image…
What are you talking about :interrobang: It additionally tried/rebuild your example so i could tell for sure but didn’t bother to make a video… (and it took you 10 days to reply ???)…


It is not same object. I notice it appears you have the line as part of the cube (you only have the cube, light, camera).

I thanked you at the time, but i only advanced with project in that part a couple days ago.

You know that you are contradicting your one sentences ?
You had to make it a different object… so it was the same… Now it’s not…

Happy blending.

I don’t understand what you talking about. The curve was just an external reference to move the wall to that position (in 2D).
Thanks for let me know there is way to make that snap work with “project onto self”

Hmm then i guess this is just some of those talk on cross-purposes or get one’s wires crossed moments (not native english speaker here)… You are welcome.

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Same boat, neither i am an English native speaker. :slight_smile: