Snap Iris to eyeball

I want to animate some eyeballs by snapping the Iris+pupil to the surface of the eye, then having it move around on the surface to “look”. Is there any way to snap it to the surface and stop it from moving off?

With this example, i parented the pupil to the pose bone.
This works if your eyes are spheres.

I suspect that the effect you’re really looking for would best be accomplished by using a lattice to deform an eyeball that already has an iris as a part of it. Here’s a thread on the topic, and since it’s an archived thread, here’s the example .blend file: eye_problem.blend (592 KB)

I have an irregular shaped eye in the socket that is part of the model. The Pupil to the pose bone seems easier, but the lattice seems to make more sense. Could I somehow use a lattice to say “If you are in X location you should have Y properties” (properties being X,Y,Z relative to A with B rotation) since the eye cannot rotate

You can give the lattice shape keys, but that may be totally unnecessary. By “irregular shaped” how irregular do you mean? Are we talking about a lopsided ellipsoid, or is this eye socket shaped like a map of Indonesia? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe adding a Shrinkwrap modifier to the iris might help (and move it via the bone)