Snap object to vertex parent

Is there a way? I have a proxy jacket for a character to which I have vertex parented many empties. During the course of animation I move these empties to suit the poses. Once completed I’d like to snap each empty back to where it’s parent vertices are. For objects you can use the shift-s, cursor to selected/ selected to cursor option. But I haven’t been able to find a way to identify the parent vertices associated with each empty. Is there a way to do this?

you could try Alt+P+P (Clear Parent Inverse) this will make the vertex the default location of the empty. then you can simply AlT+G on the empty to reset its location.

is this what you wanted?

Holy fucking Moly. That’s beautiful. Thank you. I can now simply select all the empties by type and hit alt-G and they all snap back to where they belong. I often wondered what Clear Parent Inverse was actually good for, or even what it actually did. I’m still not quite sure. When I did it the empties all flew off in all directions to what looked like random locations. But they all snapped back to where they belong with alt-G. Thanks again. It’s exactly what I needed.