Snap on ??

Hi again

Is it a “snap on” on function in blender ??? I mean if U extrude a Vertecie and want it to join another vertecie. I cant make it connect with the other vertecie :-?
Once again thnk u all for the help I get here

Hi jonorman.

Select the extruded vertex and the vertex that you want to join with and press F-Key.


No, there is no snap on. best you can do it select both verticies, hit S then the number 0, (NOT he zero on you numpad, the one above your letter keys). This will, however, move both verticies to the middle of the distance they are seperated. Then hit W and Remove Doubles.

You can also just zoom down and move one vertice on top of the other as close as you can, then remove doubles.

Thnx a lot people… U really help me out here

I just love this program :smiley:

Or you can select both vertices and hit W for the special menu.
Select Merge…
Then you can select between merge at center or at cursor, whatever fits your situation best.