Snap option not working in blender 3.3

Vertex snapping not working, even after pressing Ctrl need some help

Vertex snapping works fine with this version…

If you want to merge the vertices together, remember to activate the “Auto Merge Vertices” option.

I don’t want to merge just want to snap , but i am not getting it right can you explain me the steps so i can check what mistake I am making ?, i have used maya so i just used to press v and it snaps to the other vertex but I am not able to perform it here is there any shortcut to perform vertex snapping?

The documentation gives good explanations:

Check that you have selected the “Vertex” mode and not “Increment”…

The CTRL key allows you to activate the snapping punctually…

Still not working

I am using a laptop does it make any difference?

Ok, let’s take a simple example:

Create a simple cube, switch to Edit mode.
Enable Snap to Vertex.

Select a vertex of the cube and move it to another vertex (CTRL key pressed)…
Normally your first vertex will snap to the second…

If the CTRL key does not seem to work, activate “Snap during transform” (icon located to the left of the Snap options)

By default, snapping is set to snap on increment.
First thing to do is to open snapping popover (shift ctrl tab) to enable vertex item in Snap To list.

Then, pressing ctrl during a translation should work. You can press button with magnet or do shift tab to avoid to press Ctrl. (In that case, pressing Ctrl during transform will momentarily disable snapping).
But, by default, snapping is disabled for rotation and scale, you have to use same snapping popover to enable it.

In 3.3, there are new buttons to restrict target selection. Maybe you disabled or enabled wrong buttons.

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Well seen, this option could also be deactivated :+1:

Created the cube then in edit mode activated vertex snap, then press g key and now it’s snapping to the other vertex without pressing Ctrl ?

I have made two separate planes now i am using vertex snapping to snap to the other plane ,i am selecting a vertex in edit mode of a plane then i am trying to snap to the other plane but the snapping is only working on a vertex which is closest to the other vertex which is in edit mode why this is happening? I want to snap both the vertices to other plane but it’s only snapping one vertex .

I did shift click drag now finally got it :exploding_head:

One ?

Two ?


I feel that i am not able to communicate to you guys well :frowning: my bad sorry.

i would try to upload a video with what you did, so we can see what you tried. Snapping is not sooooo intuitive and i struggle often with it too. And as we all know - one picture says more than 1000 words…and a movie even more :wink:

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