"Snap" sculpting from a model to another

I wonder if it would be possible to “snap” of “fill up” the shape of a mesh to another one with Sculpt Mode, may it be from above or below the surface of the “source” mesh ? Is there an add-on to that ? It would be so useful !

Shrinkwrap modifier https://www.blender.org/manual/modeling/modifiers/deform/shrinkwrap.htmlPlease supply example blend

If I’m reading between lines, I would assume that you’re talking about merging two separate meshes in sculpt mode, yes? Maybe you’re talking about making a mold from a sculpted mesh? Or are you talking about a functions similar to shrinkwrap modifier.

I’m speaking about Sculpt Mode actually, so it only concern a specific part of the mesh.

I don’t have an example file but I guess I’ve been clear enough. It’s for a body part hard to reproduce for instance. I wish I could sculpt it while everything is snaped to the mesh where this body part is well made.

So is there a sort of Sculpt Mode Shrinkwrap ?

@ MediumSolid : I’m speaking about a mold, yes ; I should have explained it like this, my bad. :slight_smile:

Well If you really want a mold, it would be best to just use boolean modifier.

I’m not speaking about modifiers. I want to know if there is an option or add-on in Sculpt Mode that can snap the geometry shaped on the geometry of another mesh while sculpting. I’m not speaking about merging with boolean or mold the whole model with shrinkwrap.

Hard to figure out what you mean, not clear at all, please post an image if you don’t have a blend file, thank you.

The “sculpt tools” addon has a mask extract function, which may be what you’re after?


I think it refers to the Conform brush in 3ds max.

And indeed in a blender for this you need to use modifier controlled through weight paint mode:

It’s exacly what I wanted ! Thanks ! :cool:

I wish it could have been possible to do this directly through Sculpt mode (it’s quite slow on Weight Paint on a 3 million polys mesh), but it fullfills my needs !