snap selected vertex to grid

I have an isoSphere mesh and I’m trying to get it positioned so that one of the vertices lies right on the origin. Is there a way to select all vertices in a mesh and then tell it to snap-to-grid, but that I want you to snap this particular vertex to grid (and also move all the other selected vertices along with it, basically moving the whole mesh).
I’m basically trying to get one of the iso’s faces to be lying flat when viewed from side or front, and that one of the vertex in that face is on the origin. I’ve been able to rotate it so that the face is flat but haven’t been able to move it so that one of the vertex is right on the origin.

  1. Select your object
  2. Tab into edit mode, select your vertex you want to line up with the origin.
  3. Shift-S, Cursor->Selection
  4. Tab out of edit mode, F9, Mesh tab, “Center Cursor”
  5. ALT-G, confirm

Now your selected vertex should be at the origin.

If you want to reset the object’s center point to the middle, do (still in object mode):
F9, Mesh tab, “Center New”

Someone else might have a better technique, but here’s one I’ve used.

  1. Tab into Edit Mode
  2. Select the face or vertex you want to snap.
  3. Shift-S and choose Cursor -> Selection.
  4. Tab back out of Edit Mode
  5. Click Center Cursor in the Editing (F9) tab.
  6. Shift-C to return the 3D Cursor to the Origin.
  7. Shift-S and select Selection -> Cursor.

It’s a little long but it works. Hopefully someone else has something easier.

Thanks guys this worked great, the Cursor -> Selection and Center Cursor was the key as you mentioned