Snap to closest vertex. I'm confused

This is something that’s been bothering me ever since I switched to Blender from Max. Often when using Snap to Closest Vertex in Edit Mode, the geometry would actually not snap to the closest vertex but to some other point instead. I’ve observed this behavior a lot over the years but I’ve never figured out why it happens. And it keeps annoying me on a regular basis.

Example: here I attempt to move the selected geometry along the Z axis to snap to the marked spot above.

This is the expected outcome:


However, this happens instead:

The Transform Pivot Point setting doesn’t seem to be the issue (neither should it). Clearly there are more variables involved than just the location of vertices though. What am I missing here?

You want to snap a vertex(es) on a face. Choose Snap To Face instead of Vertex.

You mean by putting a cap on the cylinder above and snap to that? Seems like a workaround to me. Also, same result.

Oh, i missunderstand you. You want to snap the box to the cylinder.

You can use snap to vertex, just snap it somewhere on a vertex and press Z.
So you snap to the right height and then use only the Z-Axis.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. Doesn’t work as expected.

Can you post you .blendfile?
Normaly it should work.

snapping.blend (836.9 KB) (try to transform-snap (z axis) object a’s geometry onto object b in Edit mode)

Well, i see.
Closet vertex/closest don’t work cause the nearest vertex of “a” is the from the bottom side.
To snap the top face choose active and make the top face of your selection the active one.
(You can do this with holding shift and reselect the top face.)

You’re right! I actually just had a déjà-vu, I remember that I noticed a while ago that it is the actual distance in 3D that counts, not just the distance on the axis you are moving the geometry on. Looks like I still have 3dsmax in my bones as this behavior doesn’t make any sense to me, so I forgot about it again and kept wondering… thanks for having a look.

I’d be interested to hear a few other opinions from other users. Does this behavior seem practical to you?

Might not intuitive at the first moment, but it makes sense once you thought over it. It does what it says.
Another user who might just want too snap to inside would wonder why it would not work and post here too. :slight_smile:

It really does what it says (and explains why I couldn’t find anyone else complaining :wink: ), but on the other hand, if I look on my object in orthographic view and want to move it along one axis, I don’t want to care how deep it is on the axis that I don’t see. Just by looking on it, I can’t predict the outcome of my action. I need to guess and eventually work around it and this bugs me.

So I think it would be nice to have a ‘consider locked axis only’ option in the snap settings…

Yes, an target selection “use only visible” would be handy too.
You can make an request here, if enough people like it the chances are good that it will get to the developers.

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