Snap to grid only on one axis?

I have some small details on a model, little cylenders (think rivets). I want them to align to the grid along the y axis, but not along the other two - if I do a snap to grid, the vertices pop out of place and make the thing go a funny shape.
So is there a way to make the vertices align to the y-axis grid, but not the other two?

I don’t think there is just using the “snap-to function” (although in some situations it would depending on which of the three set views you’re in). But you could go through an elaborate snap-to series by using the curser snaping it to the point yo want to move it to then snaping your selection to the curser etc … or you could just use Grab and limit it to the Y-axis …
Maybe you should post some screenshots - I’m sure there’s a simple solution .

Aha, that’s it - just use the cursor as the centre and scale 0 along the y axis. Here’s a picture that may help some other people with this problem.
On the left is the top view - you can see that the ends aren’t lines up.
Top right is the cylender befoe snapping, bottom right is after. It’s a tiny difference, but hey, I’m a perfectionist :stuck_out_tongue:
I solved it by putting the cursor near the top of the cylender, snapping it to the grid, selecting the cursor as the pivot location, then hitting [S], [Y], [0].

And then you get CG images.
Reality has no perfection. Instead of making mathematical placed vertices move them without being perfectionist and your objects will look a little more natural.
When your objects are “perfect” and they are textured with perfect solid colors, your brain says to you that it is a CG image. Create irregularities and noise always. There is no point in placing with precission a vertex.

Zombie thread resuscitated because it was linked in another thread and I wanted to post my opinion about this perfectionist theme.