Snap while animating a group of objects

Hi, this is a very basic question. I just started trying the possibilities of animation. I have made a 4x4 cube. I have them outside the camera view and flow into a location and reform the 4x4 model one by one. The issue is, it is hard to achieve the perfect 4x4 seating while placing the cubes one by one. I am not sure how to snap an arriving cube to fit the face of a resting cube. It will be nice to get some help here.

“it is hard to achieve the perfect 4x4 seating”, could you please elaborate why it’s hard, maybe show some pictures of what’s happening and what you’re trying to do

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Blender has snapping tools (see the icon with the “snap” tooltip, and the dropdown next to it, on the 3D viewport) but personally, I have a lot of trouble with them. Although in this case, I think snapping cursor to selection, snapping selection to cursor, and snapping to increment ought to do it for you.

Because I don’t really like Blender’s geometry snapping, when I want stuff to snap, I tend to use constraints to do it, things like shrinkwrap, possibly with “align to normals” checked. You might find that useful to play with, I’m not sure.

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Please take a look at the violet cubes flying in, they are not stacked properly. 2 cubes already finished their animation.

Mainly because the view was small so that I can oversee the entire animation. I am moving them manually with mouse and I have no way to see if they are accurately placed. It is hard even when I disturb a 4x4 cube in a close view because once I take it out a bit, it is really hard to achieve the perfect sit for me.

Thanks. Just checked. I had no idea there is an option available. I think it will solve many of my alignment problems.

Snap to vertex is probably what you’re looking for

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Where can I enable it ? Thanks.


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