Is it possible to snap an object only on one axis?

Tnx :smiley:

after pressing G, R or S, press X, Y or Z to select the axis to move along / rotate around / scale along.

Also, for G and S, you can move the mouse in the appropriate direction and press MMB.

actually, sort of

so you put the cursor on that one axis you want to move an object or verticies to

then you make the scaling/rotation around the cursor [pess the period key, but not the one on your number pad]

scale along just the one axis you want to snap everything to to zero [hold control and move your system cursor over the 3d cursor, watch the window header to see when you’ve got it… or you can use numeric input “S X 0”]

and if you’re messing with objects, clear their scaling with alt+s [hopefully they weren’t scaled before]

Oh, that sort of “snapping to one axis”.

What I said will “snap” movements, so they only move along one axis.
What z3r0 d said will move the verts so they all line up along one axis.

Easier - turn on “Move centres only” before doing the scale.