Snapper NXT Riding Mower

This is an ongoing project that I started about 2 weeks ago. My goals were to:

  1. NOT follow a tutorial for once
  2. Increase my modeling ability

So here it is - another exercise to further my hobbyist 3d career :slight_smile: I hope you all like it.


Great work!
Are mountains and grass modeled, too?
My only critique is that all is too clean on that tractor. :wink:

I’m flattered that you had doubts - but yes they are modeled. The grass is a hair particle system that I worked out. It has a color ramp and a sloping strand but that’s about it. I was thinking of making more vegetation, but I just had to call the project complete after 3 weeks of work.

The mountains were generated by the AnT landscape generator that is included with blender.

I was trying to render this out with cycles - but it keeps crashing any tips?

Very nice, your modeling skills are superb! Only crit would be the flare on the mountain to the left, it’s a little distracting, would be better if the flare was restricted to your model only. Not sure what’s up with Cycles, but it’s known to crash at many occations, e.g. if you have a curve or a vertex or edge not connected to a face.

Artorp - thanks for the comment. I’m actually not sure how I would restrict the glare to only the model. In the compositor it seems to grab anything with high light intensity.

I tried deleting all the curves/nurbs objects, deleting the lamps, and moving everything to one layer, but still it crashes when I try to render. :frowning: It’s a shame because I really like the results of cycles.

But does Cycles support particles anyway?
I find Blender Internal pretty good on exterior scenes.

Honestly carrozza I have no idea. I thought it did, but maybe that is what is making it crash! I wish they’d hurry up and finish cycles already :slight_smile:

Great job, now move and animations.

nice work. i’ll give a try to the landscape generator now.:yes:

Thanks udayan - if you want to check out the .blend you can see it here: Blendswap

Make sure you set all the settings for the landscape generator before making any changes and THEN increase the subdivisions. Otherwise you will have some performace issues.