Snapping a shape to a face not perfectly aligned with the grid

OK I have a question that is hard to put in words because of how uneducated I am. I will give this my best shot. I have a shape here that I created for reference in this question. I want to add a shape, say a circle, to this mesh in edit mode and have it perfectly aligned with the selected face. Face and edge snapping isn’t as exact as vertex snapping (in my experience, I may about to be proven wrong). I have seen Johnathan Williamson’s tutorial on “how to put a hole in anything,” but the project method isn’t going to work for my current case because I don’t want the distortion that comes from it. I need to have exact control over where the verts go and how they line up with my mesh.

Thank you for your time. Sorry if this has been asked before. I don’t know what the terminology for this is and had a hard time coming up with what to title the post, much less putting my question into actual words. I may have to create a video asking the question if it is necessary.

EDIT: Solved

With the face selected align the view to that face

With the face sill selected, position the 3d curser to the face (Shift+S / curser to selected). New objects are added at the location of the 3d cursor

Add the circle to your scene (Shift+A / Add circle)

In the circle properties in the toolshelf (or F6) enable ‘Align to View’.

You can position the circle and scale it as you want

Oh my gosh thank you so much! This totally works!! I am overjoyed.