snapping behaviour

I’m trying to move a circle by ‘picking it up’ (g) at the lowest point, 6 o’clock and snap it to the corner of a rectangle but when I press control to snap to vertex it wants to use the point at 4 o’clock which is obviously no good.
Does blender pay no attention to where the cursor is when you press g? If not, why not? Surely that’s the logical way for that function to work?

Closest means the point that snaps is the closest element to the snap location.
Setting to Active means the active element (last selected) will be the one that snaps

Thanks Richard, you’re a legend when it comes to these little things that drive me mad :wink:

So it kind of works like I would expect but you need to select the vertex as ‘active’

Having read and re-read the wiki I’m still none the wiser about snap target eg: I wouldn’t know how to switch between vertex and median, maybe I haven’t got the right thing selected to try it, who knows?

Anyways, thanks again for all your help. :slight_smile: