Snapping multiple vertices to cursor in edit mode

Greetings, Blender artists.
My first post on B.A. :smiley:
In edit mode, I selected all vertices of a shape and pressed Shift S > selection to cursor.
They all snapped onto a single point (which is the way it should work)
But is there any way I can snap them to the cursor while still maintaining their relative positions?

Thank You

Generally, yes. but it might take a couple of steps. Go to object mode, and use “set origin” (CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-Ckey) and set the origin to the 3D cursor. Then use the same combination, and choose the “Geometry to origin” option. If for some reason you plan that the origin is not at the center of the geometry, you’ll need to go to edit mode and adjust the geometry.


This is possible in future versions and in current nightly builds (downloadable from a link on the same page as the regular version), everything the same as you are doing now EXCEPT you choose ‘…cursor with offset’.

Thanks for the replies.
DruBan, an option like ‘snap to cursor with offset’ is exactly what I’m looking for. But I could not find it in Blender. Could you guide me where I can find the option?