Snapping object origin in Edit Mode?

Blender ships with an addon, DYNAMIC CONTEXT MENU, which seems to add a function that allows the user to snap the Object Origin to a selected element while in Edit Mode.

Great. Except it seems to only be accessible thru the Search (F3) menu. Not so great.

Is there a better way? Preferably a way that could be accessed through a user defined hotkey.

3D Viewport Pie Menus addon (comes with blender) has origin pie that can be used in edit mode for “Origin to Selected” command. “Origin to Bottom” also is pretty useful, it works similar to “Origin to Geometry” but pushes origin to lowest z point afterwards.

Default hotkey is Ctrl Alt X which is alright but I like to change it to Shift Alt S, that way both snapping pie (Shift S) and origin pie are much closer. Just don’t forget to unbind weird To Sphere from Shift Alt S, it doesn’t even work in object mode anyway.