Snapping objects (again!)

OK, I’ve done my due diligence with searches and such, but as far as I can tell, snapping a given object to another object at a corner (a vertex, but read on…) is a bit convoluted, tho possible in Blender. SO here goes:

Problem: I have a building floor plan of the first floor. I extrude it upward to create walls. I also have a plan of the second floor, in some random location in my 3D space. I extrude this as well. I now have two separate wall layouts. I want to create a model by joining the floors, one on top of the other, but I need to align the walls exactly to do this. (Assume that both wall layouts are a single objects, and that they are accurate/consistent with each other.) How to do this?


  1. Assume the 1st floor wall layout is in the location you want. If it isn’t, move it now.
  2. Select the 2nd floor wall layout, tab to edit mode.
  3. Select a vertex on a bottom corner, anywhere you trust.
  4. Hit shift-S, “Cursor to selection.”
  5. Tab out of edit mode, make sure 2nd floor is still selected.
  6. Press the “Center to Cursor” button in the mesh panel. You should see the origin for the object relocated to the cursor.
  7. Select the 1st floor walls, tab to edit mode.
  8. Select the corresponding vertex at the top of the wall you want to align the 2nd floor to.
  9. Hit shift-S, “Cursor to selection.”
  10. Tab out of edit mode.
  11. Select the 2nd floor.
  12. (drum roll please) Hit shift-S, “Selection to cursor.” Viola, your floors will align.

(Obviously this can work with any object, not just building floors. Also, you might want to relocate the object center after the alignment.)

To all the gurus out there: is there a better way? I’ve read as many threads as I can on it, did I miss something? If not, consider this a tutorial. If so, please enlighten! Thanks!

Have you used “KlopUtils” in the Wizards menu of the Scripts Window?


Well, this must be deja vu all over again, eh? I did a quick search for kloputils, and someone had posted almost exactly the same thing I did, and you answered almost exactly the same thing.

Kloputils is a wonderful little script! I had no idea it was there. I had to play with it a bit to “get it”, but I can see I’ll be using it many times from now on. Thanks!

I bet a lot of folks new to the program, like me, want to get started doing a real project, and probably don’t spend enough time just exploring the interface.