Snapping objects by element (vertex primarily)

3d Snapping - how to snap objects by vertex/face/edge.

I am posting this having exhausted google search for possible answers - I have tried my best to find the answer.

Specifically, what I am trying to find a rapid solution for is how to snap an object by a given vertex (or other element such as edge midpoint) to the specific vertex of a second object in a rapid manner. For example, If i wanted to take a corner of a window frame and snap it to a wall in most software I’m familiar with I simply select ‘vertex snap (or equivalent)’ and click and drag - in most instances it takes a second or two at most to position objects with pinpoint precision.

I am aware of the work-around that involves snapping the 3d cursor to the vertex and then setting that as origin - that is a totally viable solution but it requires several steps - because I use 3d snapping so extensively it makes life very difficult for me.

Are there any plugins for example that allow this to happen at the object level? I.e. a snap that activates per element based on cursor position etc?

Alternatively perhaps there is a faster workflow than I am currently using which is to:

  1. snap 3d cursor to selected vertex
  2. set origin to 3d cursor
  3. vertex snap by object origin

Any advice or input most sincerely appreciated!

Anyone? Please don’t tell me there isn’t a solution!

This might be what you looking for.

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You sir, have made my day, thank you very very much!!!

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