Snapping Objects to each other?

Hi all,

Not really sure where this goes, depends on the solution, I guess.

Anyways, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to make objects snap to each other. Not talking about snap to grid here, but snapping to a customized and arbitrary point on an object. Perhaps defining these points with joints, and either using an existing or having to come up with a new method, to allow objects to “snap” to these joints.

I’m trying to make working Lego bricks in Blender, basically. :slight_smile: Any suggestions?


Not sure if there is a fast and easy way of doing it really. But here are a few tries at it. First you can select your object and hit Shift+C and hit Cursor >> Selection. Then select the object you want to be snapped and hit Shift+C again and this time hit Selection >> Cursor. Try messing around with that panel and you might get the result you want. If all else fails you might just have to move each object individually. Good luck!

I think you’d want to use the game engine. you’d probably use a proximity sensor to activate a script that told it to do the snapping, or something along those lines. You might try asking in the game engine subforum.

  1. Click the grey magnet button on the 3D view toolbar (next to the Layer buttons’ padlock). This enables further snap options.
  2. Select your object, press G to grab, then hold down Ctrl while you move the object next to the other object.

Reaction - That’s what that button does! Awesome!

Modron - Will do.

Dudebot - Thanks, will make sure object centers are where they’re supposed to be.

Thanks guys!