SNAPPING "Selection to center"

I propose you my little add-on to improve your working space with snapping: you noticed that if you use Alt + G to return your objects’s selection to center of the world, they are re-initialized on each other in (0.0.0) is quite normal!

But why didn’t there function “selection to center(offset)” in snapping menu to bring your selection (multiple objects) to the center of the world maintaining the provision of the selection (object and edit mode) ?

My add-on answer to this question so simply. check to use:

For Blender 2.69. Normal install like others add-ons. use: In the snapping menu-> maj + S
Feel free to use it! :yes:

Is this different to the thread you started a week ago with the same message and linked to the same file on dropbox ?

Yes the title was false: mistake on “Saanaping”. I can’t correct myself.
No change! All run fine!