Snapping Shortcuts?

I know SHIFT TAB enables snapping

I know SHIFT S - opens up snap options

BUT are there shortcuts for snapping to vertex, face, grid, etc?

Thanks for reading! I know this is a noob question, but it wasn’t here in the wiki:

All replies are much appreciated!

Ctrl+shift+tab to switch snapping element.
Holding down ctrl while moving enables/disables snapping temporarily, depending on the toggle state (shift+tab). Most keep snapping off and only enable it with ctrl if needed. Having it constantly on is useful for retopology and perhaps for reworking messy meshes, along with automerge editing (mesh menu -> automerge editing). Not much more to it.

thanks JA12!!!

Follow-up question about SNAPPING TO GRID

This is my current workflow for snapping vertices to grid:
SHIFT C (move cursor to center of grid)
select a vertex point
SHIFT S (snap vertex to the cursor - which is at center of grid)
Turn on Snap Increment

Obviously this is very tedious… does anyone know of how to snap to grid quickly?

Increment just isn’t accurate enough for me because I initially have to estimate a move to a grid intersection before turning it on.