Snapping to camera view?

Hello everyone!
Is there a way to snap something to the camera’s front plane?
Or maybe it is possible to access the location of the camera’s front plane and add 4 vertices there?
Sometimes I could really need that, for example when I try to scale up something so that it fits the camera’s view exactly.
Here are some images that show how I would like to use that:

Many thanks in advance,

There may be another way, but if no one comes forward with one, here is what I would do.

  1. Set your camera to ‘Orthographic’.
  2. With camera selected, Clear rotation ‘alt + R’, clear location ‘alt + G’
  3. Raise camera up in the z direction (has to be at least a certain amount, I found 10 cm, may be different for different sensors).
  4. Now with the cursor still on the center of the grid,
  5. Add Plane.
  6. in the object panel, set the scale to the same ratio as the camera resolution.
    (ie, if the resolution is 1280 by 720, you can set your planes scale to be 1.280 = x, .720 = y.
    looking through the camera now, scale plane up until it reaches the edges. You can keep zooming into
    a corner (using Shift + MMB to pan) and after zooming in as far as you can, select the plane and ‘shift + S’ to
    scale slowly into the camera edges.

It’s not exact, but it gets you close enough to not notice.

Thank you very much for your answer, FloridaJo!
What you just described is similar to the routine I already use.
I am able to approximate the result I want by scaling the plane as close to the camera’s edge as possible.
But as you already stated, that’s not exact.
When trying to create sprite sheets in Blender, the results must be exact to each pixel or there will be errors.
Hopefully, there is a way of doing this exactly?
I mean, there must be. Just knowing some angles of the camera should already help, right?

When you know the pink angles, it should be possible to construct a mesh that the plane can snap onto, I guess.

Thank you for your reply, cegaton! It really works!!

Hey Shu, that script is not working on my 2.71.
After selecting camera, space>Create Image Plane, it then creates a plane,
but it is not facing the camera.
Is there some other sequence to adding it?

Edit: confirmed it works in 2.69 but not 2.71.

Preferences have to be set up to be add a new object will be aligned to ‘world’. If to ‘view’ it will not work.

I only tested it in 2.69 and there was no problem with it.
Thank you for pointing out possible problems!