snapping to horizontal.

im wondering if its possible to select multiple lines within the same object and snap them to the horizontal?

if you want them on the same axis: x, y or z.

Select, s to scale, , x, y or z for axis and zero, then press enter.

you can also scale to two axis by doing (eg) shift x to scale on the y and z.

You can also changed the transform orientation (bottom of screen) from global to one of the other options.

im sort of wanting to normalise them in a way… as in id like to have no more than a difference of 3.2 degrees between each vertice. is that possible in blender?

If by the horizontal you mean the grid floor, then yeah with a few key presses. Just select the lines you want, press Shift+S and select “Cursor to Center”, then change the pivot point to the 3d cursor by pressing “.” on the keyboard. Then finally scale the lines along the z axis to 0.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

**Oh sorry, I type too slow XD, so you want the lines arranged in a fan with each spoke 3.2 degrees from the next??

to be more specific. i was wondering if it was possible to apply the displacement modifier but tell blender to stop displacing when it gets to 3.2 degrees?
alternatively, is it possible to have blender stop displaceing only selected vertices, when they reach more than 3.2 degrees difference from all other selected vertices?

well to explain the thing fully, i have this building,

as you can see its very complex. this is the aesthetic im going for. however, the floor cannot be as exagerated as the rest of the building because it needs to be usable for people to walk on and for wheelchair access. therefore cannot exceed more than 3.2 degrees of incline or decline.
so what i want to do is take the floor plane, select paths through it, and make them so that they are not going up or down by more than 3.2 degrees. i would like to only select certain paths because i would like you to still have some places where there is still extreme displacement. does this make sense?

ok. so ive found a part time solution. i select all the faces id like to form the path through the building then scale about the z axis to make them all flat.

What you could do is set up a vertex group of the paths you would like to keep flat-ish. So to do that, select the vertices that ARENT on the paths. Then create a vertex group out of those, and remember to assign the vertices to that group.

Then add two displacement modifiers to a subdivided plane. The first modifier under “Vertex Group” select the vertex group you just created. And then turn down the strength of the second displacement modifier. Assuming you’ve assigned the displacement texture you’re using(a simple cloud texture would suffice for the effect you want here) the “path” area should decrease in displacement, while the rest stays quite jagged. You can increase the jaggedness of that area by changing the strength of the first modifier.

If you then want the wireframe look of the picture, apply both modifiers and go into edit mode then delete all the faces. Then come out of edit mode and press Alt+C to convert to Curve, then add some bevel in the curve properties to give it some 3d look.

I get this is just a load of instructions, so if you want me to do a video of it and stick it on my YouTube channel I’d be more than happy to(I’m better at talking than typing anyway), so let me know if you do and I’ll have it up by the morning.

But if not I hope this helps :slight_smile:

a video would be amazing!
ive been making the wireframe so far by duplicating my mesh and then scaling it up, and then i use space, wireframe and that usually does the trick. if it helps at all i could put a link to the file im talking about?
also, im having a little trouble with the boolean modifier. i need there to be about 4 different objects that all intersect each other, i dont want any of their intersection material remaining. it works on two of the objects but not the other two…
also, is there any way of giving these vertex groups accuracy? so that i know that theyre no more than 3.2 degrees?

Unfortunately the only way I can think of it is by enabling edge angles and modifying it while monitoring those values. I’ll go over it in the video, it’ll be up by 10 tomorrow :slight_smile:

thank you so much :slight_smile:

No problem :), here you go:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

this is amazing! thanks!
i was wondering, is it possible to select the vertex groups after i apply the modifier? its just that i like to see what the modifier does before i make the paths going through the building (cause that means i can choose the most interesting ones) if not thats fine. again. thanks so much for your help!

Of course, just add the displacement modifiers, and then go into edit mode and add the vertex groups and add the exclusion to the displacement modifier at the top.
And it’s no problem at all :slight_smile:

great! thanks for doing the tutorial! big big help! also, since we’re on this, is it possible to add all the planes i want to one vertex group, then ctrl I and then select all the other planes and add them to another vertex group?

i just watched the thing again, this isnt a part of the pompedu centre! this is a building im designing. i reffered to the pompedu to give you an idea of what it would look like if you put the structure of the building on the outside :slight_smile:

Yeah, once you’ve created the first vertex group, you can add another one with the plus key, name it something different, and then assign the other vertices to that group.

Oh right, haha I’ll add a correction :p. If you made that picture then kudos, it looks pretty cool :slight_smile: