Snapping tool with group instances


I try to use the snap tool to position 2 group instances with faces to eachother, but it fails because instances doesnt have any reference to any vertex positions it could snap to. It just snaps to the emptys center. Is there a way to workaround this for group instances?

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same problem here…

Vertex and face snapping with group instances work fine here with 2.76b. Unless I’m misunderstanding something.

the problem is snapping 2 group istances along their vertices. looks like the snap works only for the central face.

Old thread, I know, but I think I may have a workaround to the problem, or a very similar problem:

To snap group instances from some point other than its center point:

  1. create an empty
  2. snap the empty to any vert, face, etc, on the group instance
  3. make the group instance a child of the empty
  4. select the empty, and snap it to wherever you want

Hope this helps somebody.