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In general I’m likeing the new snapping functionality but I have noticed that unlike 2.79 I can’t snap to vertices on other objects in the scene without going in to multi object edit. Is this a design choice?

It also means that if i try to snap to verts on an object with a mirror modifier I can only snap to the “real” geometry and not the geo created by the mirror modifier. Are these “features” or “bugs”?

I can’t reproduce your issues.

Hmm, it works in a fresh scene… but reproduce 100% vin another scene. the scene I was having issues with it seems I can snap to some objects and not others. Will have to try and pare down this scene and share it somewhere.

I’ve found this and not been able to identify why, I think, but don’t quote me, it may have something to do with collections or linked duplicates.

I can confirm that when both objects are under Edit mode. Multi-object editing is not working for that.
But if object with mirror modifier is under object mode, I don’t have this problem.

Can you share one or two .blend files with the problem ?

Alas no, it tended to happen part way through and I was using Hard Ops a lot, so was clearing out as I progressed. Actually, now I think of it, I am wondering if the objects I was worknig with were set as “cutters” so the shading was wire. TBH I just put it down to a hitch with 2.80 not being sorted yet. If I stumble on it again, I’ll upload the blend file here. May even try and reproduce the problem later.

speaking of snapping, very soon there will be some good news …

Snapping & precision modeling improvements To Do


My god… I’m praying that something will change soon… For my needs…it’s one of the main issue I have everyday with Blender.

Let’s see what will have at the end.

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