Snapping vertices are a bit hit and miss?

Hi there

Maybe it’s me not understanding Blender’s tools clearly but I’m having a hard time snapping vertices from one object to another.

Sometimes it works first time. If that doesn’t work I might have to rotate the view or goto an ortho view or zoom in really really close. Sometimes I give up and use the old 3D cursor method.

Z buffer accurracy problem? Me being stupid problem?

Can anyone help me out?

thanks in advance

never had any problem to pick whatever i want
it depends of the model and situation viewpoint ect

but it srelatively easy ounce you get use to it


I have had that problem before, but I just tried it with 2.48 and it worked perfectly. Make sure you when you have snapping on, vertex mode (just to the right of the magnet) is selected and it is on closest. And make sure you know that it will snap to the closest vertex to your mouse. It doesn’t matter where the vertex actually is, if your mouse is halfway across the screen it will go way over to your mouse instead of right next to the original position. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

@Dudebot13 Yes it makes sense and I understand the intended snapping behaviour but sometimes my the vtx just shoot off screen…

Hm… that is weird. Well maybe it is something with your graphics card or just your computer. It works perfectly for me.

Not had any issues with vertex snapping. Sometimes it can be a bit stubborn about snapping to the right one where two are close together, but zooming in usually solves that.