Snapping while scaling

Hi, all,
I’n new to Blender and there is this scaling way I’ve been using in other CAD programs but just can’t figure out how to do it in Blender… and I’ve looked through tutorials but can’t find the exact answer to this:

Can we, while scaling, assign a specific length to one of the edges in an object so the whole object is scaled to a specific size. Notice: I’m not into eyeballing here…

If I use what I am trying to do now as an example:

I’ve imported a ground plan from other CAD program as DXF, part of it looks like this:

and then I need to scale it(it’s not only about whether it comes in in Blender in the correct scale or not)

I have this plane as reference, so while scaling, the vertex in RED star snap to the one in the BLUE star

I’ve toggle through closet, active in the snapping options, but it all seemed like what Blender chose to snap to/from are random and I would just love to have a clear control over it…

Thank you!!

Are your Red and Blue stars actual vertexs ?

While going through the snapping options have you played with vertex, edge amd face ?

Have you ticked this?


Yes! they are both actual vertex.

and yes I also tried
vertex, active, move, scale selected, but it would only want to snap to a point which I don’t understand the choice of…

or this if I chose closet instead of active:

I guess it’s also about if we have the option of selecting a specific vertex while in scaling and have it shaping to another specific vertex?

Yes, but did you tick “Affect Scale” in the snapping menu? If I understand your desired behavior, you should be using Active, and make sure your red star vertex is actually active - the one you click-selected last (bulk selections don’t change active vertex).


that’s actually being reworked right now. Base point snapping in all transform modes is being developed by Germano. Let’s keep an eye on the release notes I guess… should be in some time soon. In the meantime there are custom builds of Blender with that feature (although I don’t know how complete and usable they are, haven’t tested), that’s in a thread… here :

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I see, thank you Hadriscus!

and thank you so much Stan, your video is very clear! Though I don’t know why I can’t make it work like you did… is there something wrong that I’m doing here…?

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Move the mouse just a tad further :slight_smile: I’m not sure why it first wants to snap the way it does (you can see that happening in my video too).

Take a look at CAD Transform addon.

Yea unfortunately it still doesn’t…Oh well…
Anyways, thanks Stan!!

Thank you Stephen for the information!! This add on might in fact change my life. Gonna give it a try now!