Snapple Jar

Here’s my try at a snapple jar.

Going to make a cardboard case for it after I’m satisfied with the model.

52 Studios

Looks like you took a picture!
Realism… perfect… :slight_smile:

Wow…fantastic…looks like I can reach I to the screen snatch it up and feel the refreshing taste as I drink it up!

Damn now I want a Snapple. Now that I think about it. it’s probably been 6+ years since I had one.

6+ years, yipes!! Do yourself a favor and get one :yes:

Thanks ya’ll, Making the 6-pack case right now.

Sorry for the late update, haven’t had a whole lot of time to blend.

Here is the 6-pack case untextured, will try to post the textured version soon.

what does it say under the cap? :stuck_out_tongue:

looks really good! :ba:


Funny you asked!! There actually is something under the cap! Decided to put something kinda corny.