sneak preview from minitru: guard character wip

well that’s the name of my current project, its been backburnered for a while, and now its ‘front’ burnered again :slight_smile: modelled this guys face up to this point in a few hours… 2.30 ROCKS!!! anyhoo, hope you like what’s there of him; I’m especially proud of my topology, its been steadily improving thanks to practice and studying the works of others:

sweet, reminded me of the guy from dune

cool, nice control lines on that face

Oooh yeah excellent mesh, very usable!,I can just picture the creases you’ll be able to get on the bridge of that nose.
Give us a snarl prettyboi

Well done

very clean, looks like the “total recall” head :slight_smile: and the evil harkonian(sp) pre infection.

Oooooh! Cool deal. Great job on that head, man. I can’t wait to see those jowls shake.

Beautiful head model. One of the best I have seen. Very clean.

Keep us updated.


ah I remember that :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice model, it’s perfect :smiley:

Looks cool, looks kinda chubby tho :wink:

Did you use NURBS or is it Sub Surfaces?