Sneakers modeling eevee


I made sneakers with Blender 3D.
It was created using subsurface modeling and curves.
I didn’t use the substance designer this time. I made it all of blender 3D.



Awesome. How did you do the knitting on the surface? bump? I can see physical knits but I don´t know how are they being “pushed” inwards at render time.

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thank you~
The surface was applied and then sculpted in a multiresolution modifier.:grinning:

here recorded my workflow.

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ahh ok. I see. It is a sculpted part.

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Any chance of a tutorial for this kinda modelling please? Model seems very clean with good topo - CONGRATS!!


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Great job, the laces look really good and I like the loose stitch ends, nice touch! :+1:

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Brand new one. Well done!

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I recorded my work.
But I couldn’t make English subtitles Sorry.:joy:

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thank you~~ i will more practice~ and better work!~

thanks a lot~!~

Nice modeling, nice tutorial :slight_smile:

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thank you~!~

@painterhoya You are welcome, looking forward to following your tutorial, I don’t need subtitles.

I have submitted subtitles for you…they should be available when approved…

Great work and videos also!!!

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thank you~ so much… thank you~

!THX Bro, very helpful!