sneaky robot

This is in the neighborhood of done but i could use some guidance on a few points.
I want to add a bit of haze/atmosphere in the midground. Halos either on lights or as meshes doesnt seem like the thing. Also the light pattern on the floor kinda bugs me but i cant seem to soften it up just a little bit from the lamp settings.
Anyway i’d love to hear any comments and crits.

No comments? bummer. Anyway i’ve been trying to use a cloud of static particles to get the appearance of a shaft of light. It’s working more or less, but not really an improvement in the scene.
I’ve just manually placed the particles in the path of the light. Im not sure how to get them to be actually lit by a lamp. That would be the ideal thing for me.
I will likely bail on the idea for this scene but would still love some advice on the haze effect for future stuff. I’ve attached a classic example of what im thinking about.
Thanks for any help and or C&C’s.


I think you want to look at the Creature Factory DVD…there’s a nice tutorial on how to do it.

I disagree. The second render is way better than the first.

I really like the lighting and mood. Good job.

Second render looks good. Mysterious. I think that more details in the scene and in the textures would add to it.

Thanks a lot guys. Here is an update with 2 shafts of light ala creaturefactory.
Thanks cw i’d forgotten all about that.
I think i like the particle method more, although my processor doesn’t :slight_smile:
gonna do some more experiments.

I will definitely be adding some more details and a texturing pass. I’m not so hot in the texturing department so I’m sure i’ve got a bunch of learning to do.


I like it. Looks very nice.
The head of the robot seems a bit ‘boxy’ compared to the rest of the body though…

Thanks ReaphSarc, i know what you mean about the head, i’ll do some fiddling.
Here is an update on the whole light streaks process. After trying a bunch of things, I’m back to the creature factory method as suggested by cwkoch.
I’d still love to figure out a way that they just “happen” instead of actually modeling them. With that grating there should be tons of little shafts i just added as many as it needed not to look strange(I hope). Also started texturing and slapped in a few minor details.


Ok so I’m about ready to say done, just hoping for some input before the last round.
I rounded off the head a touch and realized he had linebacker legs so i slimmed em up a bit.
I’ve attached a screen of my nodes setup, let me know if i’ve done something completely silly, I’m just starting to learn compositing.
Thanks much


Very Nice! likin th light. The shaft comin in through the door gives it a real nice effect. I also like the glowy thingy in the back.